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Frida Kahlo

The Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (1907-54) is now among the most widely celebrated woman artists of the twentieth century. "I paint my own reality" stated Kahlo, and her compelling self-portraits (some seventy are known) encompass an astonishingly wide emotional range, from passionate celebration to heartbreak and the trauma of major surgery. Of mixed Mexican and Hungarian-Jewish parentage, Frida Kahlo grew up in Mexico City and began painting while recovering from near-fatal injuries sustained in an roadaccident.

This film explores connections between her images and her live-events they record, following the constant theme of the inner journey. Frida Kahlo´s marriage to the Mexican muralist Diego Rivera brought her into contact with international artistic circles, and, although she never regarded herself as part of a movement, she was enthusiastically greeted as a fellow spirit by the European Surrealists. Frida and Diego?s relationship became legendary, both for its creative interaction and its emotional turbulence.

This film draws extensively on the extraordinary diary from Frida Kahlo kept during her last ten years (a period increasingly darkened by health problems caused by her earlier accident), providing a vivid analysis of key works. Throughout the film Kahlo´s combination of vibrant colour and striking imagery shows how she drew on the indigenous art traditions of Mexico to create one of the most powerful and sophisticated visual autobiographies of modern times.

Running time: 62 minutes

Commentary by:
Hayden Herrera

Narrated by:
Sada Thompson

Edited by:
Caroline Emmonds

Directed by:
Eila Hershon and Robert Guerra